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Why Microdermabrasion Is The Answer?

February 8th, 2016 • Posted by Bianca Cypser • Permalink

What if I told you that getting microdermabrasions regulary could radically alter your skin.

Would you think this was even possible?

Well it is true and it can!

You can create a smoother texture, change the skin tone, and have a healthier looking glow in your skin.

You may be wondering what is the purpose of Microdermabrasion.

I am here to tell you why it is important. When you exfoliate the skin with the microdermabrasion treatment you are opening up the skin for better product penetration.

Using an advanced skin care line like Dermaquest Skin Therapy will allow antioxidants, peptides, stem cells and other anti-aging indgredients to penetrate deeper into the skin.

You will also be promoting your skins own rebuilding of collagen during the exfoliation process.

This is how maximum results are obtained.

I Have Had Microdermabrasions Before And Had No Results?

You may heard people raving about microdermabrasions and you can't seem to get results yourself.

Let me tell you why....

Here at Imagine you new our treatments are very detailed and there is a reason why all the steps are taken to get the achieved result.

Miss a step and the finishing look is altered.

First the skin is prepped with an exfoliation cleanser and prep soloution.

This step is so crucial because it creates the platform as to how the microdermabrasion will turn out. If the skin is not prepped properly according to the clients skin type the achieved results are not as expected.

Next the microdermabrasion is performed using a diamond tip with different grit strenghth according the the clients needs. The 240 grit is the least powerful and the 80 grit is the most powerful.

I like to build up to the strenghth in exfoliation when performing microdermabrasion, as it plays a huge role in the aftermath of what the clients skin looks like when they leave.

It is not about being agressive with the treatment, it is about the quality of the treatment.

A resurfacer/Peel is then added to the treatment.

I apply the same rule as I do when using grits, this means using a fair percentage of resurfacer and building up to the proper one in furture treatments.

This will allow the client to have minimal downtime with maximum results.

A firming enzyme mask is then applied to the skin which will tighten, exfoliate gently, calm and soothe. The skins look is instantly lifted!

Depending on the client concerns some extra peeling or extractions could be done at this time.

I then apply a treatment mask with a high percentage of hydraulaunic acid using galvanic current or Ultrasonic waves.

This will allow deeper penetration into the skin which maximizes the relaxation of fine lines.

The treatment is then followed by an eye and lip treatment.


Treatments And Products Can Get Pricey.

 You only have one life, one skin, and one face.

I get the cost of products and microdermabrasions can add up.

Look at this as an investment in yourself and the future of your skin.

If you start taking charge of your skin you can instantly reverse any damage by 30 percent.

Depending on what else you do to your skin and how long you treat it, the reverse could be more!

Microdermabrasions can prevent you from having more costly and even painful procedures in the future.

Please leave your questions and comments in the comment section.

Have a happy day! xoxoxox Bianca 

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Why the bioslimming wrap?

December 30th, 2015 • Posted by Bianca Cypser • Permalink

I absolutely love this wrap and its benefits.
I have been using this wrap on clients for quite some time now and the results have been really great! Each clients body is different so some may take more time than others to get the results they want achieved. Here are some of the results you can expect from the bioslimming wrap.

-Slims, Tones and Firms
-Fights Rebel Fat Deposits
-Eliminates Toxins
-Thermo Agents Stimulate Lymphatic system and Helps Burn Fat by Thermo-regulation.
-Induces Lipolysis and Fat Burning
-Improves Appearance of Stretch Marks
-Improves Circulation and Metabolism of fat cells.
-Increases Consumption of Calories
-Reduces Feeling "Heavy" Legs

One thing I really like about this wrap is the results are permanent as long as you don't change your eating habits.

There is also a homecare program which is simple, effective and easy to use.

If you have any questions give us a call. Love Bianca

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What is Microneedling

March 13th, 2015 • Posted by Bianca Cypser • Permalink

What are the benefits of MircoNeedling?
Microneedling Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, scars, stretch marks, ueven pigmentation, sun damage, and large pores. In a few days a client can notice a significant improvement. There is no side effects which means no bruising, infection or any discoloration. Microneedling allows extreme absorption rates of topical serums and thickens the dermis without damaging the top layer of skin. All skin types and colors are eligible for this treatment.

The results are amazing. Most people will see improvement the day after the first treatment. However, a series of six are required for maximum results. By the end of the treatments the skin will be fuller and more even toned. If treating raised scars the amount of scar tissue is reduced. Acne scars will smooth out because underneath the scars new collagen has been created.

Bianca Cypser
Imagine you New Day Spa

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